Mergers & Acquisitions
Advice in M&A transactions between ca. CHF / EUR 5 and 150 millions
Sell-side and buy-side assignments
Domestic as well as cross-border projects
Listed and unlisted companies / targets
Extensive experience in cross-border deals & international capital market transactions
Access to the Crowe Global network and its Global Corporate Associates team for identification of targets as well as investors worldwide

Equity and debt placements
Growth, acquisition, succession financing
Equity and debt restructuring
Private placement of listed or unlisted company participations, PIPEs
Majority and minority stakes
Public and private debt including hybrid instruments such as e.g. mezzanine
Large proprietary database of investors contacts for equity and debt sourcing
Access to the Crowe Global network and its Global Corporate Associates team for the localized sale of companies and divisions as well as the identification of targets and of investors worldwide
Transaction volumes from ca. CHF / EUR 3 millions upwards

Corporate Finance
Optimization of balance sheet structure
Optimization of cost of capital
Preparation of business plans, strategic financial planning, budget
Value creation strategies
Debt restructuring (e.g. diversification of financing instruments and sources, reduction of interest charges, matching maturities)
Advice on equity & debt capital markets related issues
Improvement of relationship with financing institutions

Valuations, asset and liability pricing
Valuation and pricing of equity, assets and liabilities (share deals / asset deals) for acquisitions, mergers, disposals of companies or business divisions
Stand-alone vs. strategic valuation
Valuation of high-growth companies
Capital increases via contributions in kind vs. cash
Value allocation opinions and solution of disputes among shareholders
Succession planning
Dual track processes for decision on IPO or trade sale
Fairness opinions, squeeze-outs, de-listings

Equity investments
Angel investments in start-ups and high-growth companies; investments in established small- and mid-sized companies
Buy-side advisory
Minority stakes
Co-investments, consortium investments
Listed and not listed companies
Main geographic focus: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria, UK
Analysis, assessment, due diligence, structuring, negotiations
Post-investment monitoring and reporting; active support until exit